Get up and running with Ethernal in a few minutes

To signup, just head to https://app.tryethernal.com. You will just need an email address.

On your first login, you will be asked to create a workspace. Workspaces consist of a name & a server address.

Each workspace has its own dashboard, with its own data. It's useful if you are working with different chains.

The dashboard will be accessible even if your server is not running. However, it needs to be at the time of the workspace creation.

Once the connection to the server has been established you'll be asked to install the CLI. To do so, just run the following command:

npm install ethernal -g

Then, log in with your credentials and start listening to transactions:

ethernal login
ethernal listen

You can also skip the login command and use env variables:

ETHERNAL_EMAIL=your@email.com ETHERNAL_PASSWORD=yourpwd ethernal listen

To complete your onboarding, you will need to generate one transaction. You can run a migration for example.

After that, go back to your dashboard, and should see a confirmation that the transaction has been received. Your dashboard is now ready!

As a next step, we recommend that you set up data synchronization for contracts.

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