This page allows you to configure your dashboard. It's not possible to edit the server of the workspace. If you need to work on another one, you can create another workspace


You can choose to set which chain is running on the server. This will change the display of the native currency and the source to import contracts metadata:

ChainCurrencyContract Metadata Source










Default Contracts Call Options

On contract interaction tabs, the call options will be filled by default with values here.

When creating a new workspace, the "Default From Account" will be filled with the first value returned by getAccounts(), and "Default Maximum Gas" with the gas limit of the block returned by getBlock('latest').


Having different workspaces is useful if you are working with different chains. Free users only have one, but premium users can add as many as they want. When adding a workspace, it will check the connection with the chain so make sure it's running.

To switch between workspaces, just click on the switch icon in the table.

Reset Workspace

Resetting your workspace can be useful if you are not persisting your blockchain data and don't want your dashboard polluted with outdated transactions.

Doing so will clear all accounts, blocks, transactions & contracts from your dashboard.

Settings (server, gas price, etc...) are not reset.

Be careful with this as there is no way to recover the data once it's been deleted.

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