Find answers to the most common questions about Ethernal.

What data do you synchronize?

  • The whole responses from web3js getBlock(), getTransaction(), and getTransactionReceipt().
  • Accounts addresses & balances
  • Contract artifact data:
    • contractName
    • abi
    • ast
    • source
You can verify this on our Github account under the CLI & Hardhat plugin repositories.

Why do you need to synchronize artifact data?

contractName is used to label your contract in the dashboard.
abi is used to decode function calls and events data.
ast and source are used to decode contract variables data.

Can I host my data on my own Firebase instance?

Yes, to do so please reach out to us at [email protected]

How much does Ethernal cost?

We are still in early beta, so it's free at the moment. However, this will probably change in the near future.
Couldn't find your answers here or in the doc? You can ask us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer you and update this page!
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