When a contract is added to your dashboard, whether it's through artifact sync, manual contract import or automatic import during tracing, Ethernal calls the following methods on it:

  • decimals()

  • symbol()

  • name()

If none of these methods fail, the contract is tagged as erc20 and will appears in the Tokens page.

If the ABI associated to those tagged contracts is not an ERC-20 ABI, the contract will also be tagged as proxy.

The Tokens page will display some extra tokens info that are not present on the Contracts page such as the token name and symbol.

When going on the address page of a token, you'll find an extra "Token" tab on it. At the moment, this tab only shows the balance of all available addresses (ie: all addresses under the "Accounts" tab), for this token. If you want to know the balance of a particular address, you need to add it in the "Accounts" page either by impersonating it or by adding the private key.

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